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Political Parties 


Frepic -Awañak

A popular front, Frepic-Awañak was constituted in May 1986. It is a coalition of diverse organizations struggling for the independence of the Canary Islands and recognition of its Amazigh origins. It is structured on a foundation of popular committees, unifying militants from the CC.CC, C.N., PRAIC, and other organizations, under one umbrella party. It's emblem is a black spiral (see below), surrounded by seven green stars representing the seven major islands of the Canaries. The spiral is an indigenous design, found in the Isle of Benahoare, representing a symbolic union with the Canaries' precolonial past and an image that opens dialectically toward the future. The color green for the stars represent hope for independence.



Headquarters:  Amazigh World (Amadal  Amazigh), North America, North Africa

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