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National Federation of Amazigh Associations in Morocco condemned the terrorist attack against innocent civilians in Orlando city in US

Press release

The National Federation of Amazigh Associations in Morocco "FNAA" expresses its solidarity with the victims of terrorist and barbaric attacks perpetrated on Sunday, June 12, 2016, leaving dozens dead and wounded in the Pulse Nightclub frequented by the gay community of Orlando city, Florida State in the US.

We learned with consternation the terrorist attacks which are actually the expected result from previous barbaric massacres committed and endorsed by fanatics who claim the Islamic Jihad. This Jihadism preaches officially non-Muslim hatred by criminalizing homophobia in institutionalized dogma. This ideological trend, profoundly anti-Semitic and segregationist, is supported and taught in official schools by certain states, which unfortunately maintain, a good relationship with the United States of America.

By targeting the gay community, blindly killing 49 people and wounding 53 others, this Jihad is animated by a destructive will and is only a result of ideological machinations largely financed and armed. All terrorist acts carried out during recent years are especially directed against freedom, diversity, peace and progress.

Therefore, warned of their millennia culture deep rooted values, aware of harmful effects of Islamization and forced Arabization that the Amazigh people in North Africa suffered from for centuries ago, the Amazigh have always been present to condemn the terrorists acts in New York, Tunisia, Boston, Paris, Brussels, Tel Aviv and elsewhere.
Democracy, secularism, human rights and freedoms are threatened by murderous fury of the fanatics who seek to impose their hegemonic and exclusivist law to the world.

Dictatorial states, who condemn terrorism in every tragic occasion, while allowing the call to Jihad in their mosques and their official schools, have long played a double hypocritical and dangerous game that must be stopped now at all costs.

On this occasion of mourning, facing those barbaric and indiscriminate acts, we consider it our duty to express the continued commitment of the Amazigh people that we encourage to contribute by all means and everywhere to the development of values of freedom, democracy and secularism that these criminals and their sponsors seek to abolish by terror.

The American people are called to mobilize all its forces alongside the democrats who are struggling throughout the world in order to bring their leaders to act firmly now to eradicate Islamist Jihadism which terrorism is its military arm.

Rabat June 13, 2016
National Federation of Amazigh Associations in Morocco (FNAA)

FNAA?s members
# Region/City Association
1 Agadir Tafoukt Center
2 Agadir Takfarinas
3 Aguelmim Izouran
4 Ait ansar Ait Ansar
5 Alnif Tamount
6 Amzmiz Izouran
7 Amzmiz Taskiwine
8 Azilal Itrane
9 Azilal Tada
10 Azilal Titrit
11 Azilal R?seau TADDA
12 Ben Hsiyya Anya
13 Ben Tayeb Bouya
14 Ben Tayeb Tifawine
15 Ben Tayeb Twiza
16 Bigra Asigle
17 Bouizakaren Anwal Alternatif
18 Bouizakaren Bouizakaren for development
19 Bouizakaren South Space
20 Bouizakaren Iffus Forum
21 Bouizakaren Tafsoute
22 Bouyzakaren South Forum for democracy and human rights
23 Dchaira Igroumaai
24 Dchaira Usman
25 Dchaira Young democrats
26 Dchaira Young alternative Action
27 Demenate Anarouz
28 Drouich Tawmat
29 Elhajeb Achabar
30 Errachadia Talwat
31 Errachidia Oukit
32 Essaouira Tigzirt
33 Goulmima Oasis melodies
34 Goulmima Tara for tourism
35 Guelmim Izouran
36 Hoceima RIF SIGLO XXI
37 Hoceima Tamazgha
38 Hoceima Tamazgha
39 Hssiya Agrulihssiya
40 Ifrane anti atlas Inbdaden
41 Ifrane anti atlas Young for communication
42 Ifrane anti atlas Taghouni
43 Ijukak Amud
44 Imiougadir Touzounin
45 Imiougadir Tiwizi
46 Imiougadir Association AFRAK
47 Imjjadsidiifni Imazzlen
48 Imjjadd - Tighirt Imazzalen
49 Khmisset Jeunes avocats
50 Khmisset Mohmedelkamel
51 Marrakech Imal
52 Marrakech Teachers of Amazigh language
53 Marrakech Tizilat
54 Midelt Tirssal
55 Mrirt Ait sidi youssef
56 Nador Young Alternatif
57 Nador Fadae
58 Nador Ussan
59 Ouarzazate Tawada
60 Ouarzazate Tendarte
61 Oujda Tamount Bani
62 Oujda Tihiya
63 Oulmes Itihad boukchmir
64 Rabat Azetta Amazighe
65 Rabat Bougafer
66 Rabat The voice of Amazigh woman
67 Rabat Challa
68 Rabat Darnegh
69 Tahla Adrar
70 Tanalt Tiwizi
71 Tanalt awsat
72 Taza Anir
73 Temara AuzarnImal
74 Temara Teachers of Amazigh language
75 Tiddas Reseau Tagourt
76 Tiddas Tagourt Atlas
77 Tighdouine Yagor
78 Tighdouine Imedghas
79 Timoulay Timoulay Oufella
80 Tiznit Afouss gh ofous
81 Tiznit Ajdig
82 Tiznit Amoudaglou
83 Tiznit Tandaft
84 Tiznit Tiwizi
85 Zghanghan Ihdjan

Auteur: FNAA
Date : 2016-06-26 14:47:00

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