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The deeper dimensions of United States report on human rights in Morocco

President Barak Obama is the first president of the United States of African roots from Kenya. He has given special political meanings to all his visits to the continent of his family. He chose to visit Egypt as the first African country where he delivered his famous speech about Islam at Cairo University on June 4th, 2009. After Egypt, he visited Ghana on July 2009 where he delivered his second speech about democracy Africa. Then he visited South Africa on July 2013. On July 2015, he visited both Ethiopia and Kenya. He reserved the most important part of his speech in Kenya, his ancestors? homeland, to talk about the deprivation of gays of their sexual freedom which is an issue that concerns a lot the countries of North Africa.

Obama has not yet visited Morocco as he is approaching the end of his second presidential term set for November 2016 while the diplomacy of the Moroccan administration (makhzen) is laboring very hard to secure his visit which bears a special symbol expressing the level of democratic development in the country that Obama is visiting. The essence of the goal of the visit resides in the nature of the speech that Obama delivers usually in the countries that he visits and the extent to which that country?s authorities can tolerate the content of the speech after having listened to it or rather the application of the suggestions therein. It is unimaginable for Obama to avoid his habitual speech. Every one of his African visits raised sensitive issues and criticisms concerning the rulers of that particular country such as religious freedoms, the rigging of elections, gay rights, clinging on to power for life, union of power and money, terrorism and separatist armed movements?

The period of the Democratic Party?s administration under president Obama witnessed bitter moments with the Moroccan administration ever since November 2008 at the beginning of the first term of this president. This bitterness has not dissipated neither by the political publicity of the Moroccan administration that is propagated by those influential individual of the Moroccan diplomacy, nor by the Jewish Lobby or by the niceties of words complementing the existence of American relations of friendship or anything else. The most evident result of all these efforts were periods of absence of the United States ambassador in Morocco wherein diplomatic representation was often reduced to the level of Charg? d?Affaire. The first American ambassador during this presidential period was Samuel Kaplan, the manager of the Obama election campaign which succeeded in the winning of the presidency. He was also the ex-president of the World Jewish Congress. He was known for his open communication inside Morocco with the media, the civic society, the political class and the political parties. Ambassador Kaplan made echoes by the diffusion of his famous historical utterance about the difficulty of predicting the outcome of issues in Morocco and by his letter of protest against the Moroccan administration?s campaign of expelling Christian foreigners from Morocco in 2010.

There is no doubt that the issue of the western Sahara appears as if it were the main point used by the diplomacy of the administration to cover up its disagreements with the United States in front of public opinion. On the surface, the American side seems to show that the disagreement revolves around human rights, whether concerning the issue of expanding the mission of MINORSO to include the monitoring of human rights in the Sahara, or the observation of human rights in Morocco as a whole.

However, the report that was published lately has added, for the first time, the issue related to the rights of the Amazigh people which goes beyond some traditional Amazigh concerns to other more advanced rights. These new concerns of the report have alarmed the Middle Eastern countries and the Gulf States. It is this new addition in the report that the United Stated routinely publishes about Morocco that caused diplomatic anger of the Moroccan administration political elite and the advertising companies in their service in the United States. This new issue of the report is susceptible to elicit the anger of Arab nationalists and their followers as well?

The United States used to cover up its cold war against the communist block led by Russia, China and their allies against the Western countries before the fall of the Soviet Union at the end on 1991 by focusing on the violation of human rights in those countries. Is America in a cold war with Morocco? Why?

It does appear that there might be some secrets hidden that are beyond the scope of this article. Some of these were revealed through electronic media sources such as Wikileaks, however in spite of this, the involvement of the Moroccan administration in the Middle East wars as a Saudi and Gulf States ally has an impact which is reflected in Obama?s position concerning those wars. Mr. Obama?s position consisted is in his following a policy of avoiding the use of the American armed forces, especially ground forces in conflicts in Yemen, Syria and Lebanon. His policy is also reflected in the ongoing competition inside the Democratic Party with the frontrunner candidate for the presidency Hilary Clinton well known for her intimate visitations to Morocco?
The human rights report about Morocco was issued in 2016 during the tenure of the American ambassador Dwight Bush who was appointed for this position in the summer 2013. Before his appointment, he was known in the world of finance and business which explains that economic, financial and commercial interests? reasons could be behind the publication of the report in light of the competition with China, Russia, Spain and France in Morocco. This competition involves as well the countries of the Middle East which tend to depend on Russia and China for their protection against internal revolutions instead of the United States which is not following under Obama the flagrant protection of some regimes practiced by the republicans under president George W. Bush before Obama?s presidency which made a deal with Iran with which Morocco has severed its relations. The reason for the publication of the report could also be related to the expectations of the future of Libya, Algeria and areas populated by the Amazigh in North Africa, the Sahel and the countries of migrants.

This reason would justify the imposition of a balanced policy in the future on the Islamist fundamentalist political movements which are building the Islamic State starting from the Middle East. In addition, the reason behind the report would target the alliance between Arabism and revolutionary Islam in the countries of the Middle East and in Morocco, where the report should be viewed in light of the Islamists experience in government since 2011 which started with a temporary moderate policy.

It is imperative to consider rationally the content of the United states report on human rights in Morocco because of its importance and because of the triviality of the assault launched by some writers, journalists and political party careers against the United States on the occasion of this report which needs to be analyzed seriously instead of holding shallow attitudes.

Hasn?t it crossed their minds that the American people love Morocco and wish it well in expanding the domain of rights and freedom? Those critics must also read the sections of the report describing the miserable conditions of human rights in other countries. In addition, they must assume the United States good intentions as a powerful country that must have felt that the policy of repression of human rights hinders some of its interest with Morocco making it thus necessary for more respect of the fundamental human rights and freedoms of the Moroccan people.

Translated by Dr. Abdelghani Bouchouar

Auteur: Ahmed Adghirni
Date : 2016-06-26 14:53:00

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