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Amazigh democratic party (PDAM) wrote to the president of the European Parliament, Mr. Hans-Gert POTTENG, about human rights violation in Morocco


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Mr. Hans-Gert POTTENG,
President of the European Parliament,

The Members of The European Parliament

Subject: Human Rights in Morocco

The European Union is linked to Morocco by an "Association Agreement" which entered into force since 1-st March 2000.
Morocco has also been part of the first countries from the Mediterranean to sign an action plan neighbourhood with the European Union since 2004, following the process of Euro-Mediterranean partnership launched in Barcelona in 1995.
This association agreement between the European Union and Morocco's main objectives are the effective promotion of democracy and respect for human rights. Thus, Article No. 2 of said agreement clearly stipulates that: "Respect for democratic principles and fundamental rights of man, as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, inspires the domestic and international policies of community and Morocco and is an essential element of this agreement. "

Considering the importance that the European Union attaches to respect the principles of the UN Charter and, in particular, respect for human rights and political freedoms and economic issues that are the foundation of the association agreement ;

Considering regressions known in Morocco in recent years regarding human rights in general and rights of citizens Amazigh (Berber);

Considering the total lack of political will on the part of the Moroccan state to reform the Constitution, given that the current Constitution categorically denies the linguistic and cultural rights of citizens Amazigh;

Considering the obstacles undertaken by various ministries against the promotion of language and culture Amazigh, such as the Ministries of National Education and Communication;

Considering that the Moroccan State practice a policy of anti-apartheid Amazigh characterized by the ban on names Amazigh, the ban on cultural activities, the non-issuance of permits for the establishment of associations Amazigh, the suppression of Sit-ing and events , Blocking television Amazigh…

Considering that the Moroccan State has committed grave violations of fundamental freedoms against students from different universities Amazigh (Meknes, Errachidia, Agadir, Ouarzazate…), arbitrarily detained, subjected to torture and inhumane treatment and convicted without evidence…;

Considering that the Ministry of Interior has opened legal proceedings to cancel the constitution of the Democratic Party Moroccan Amazigh (PDAM), in a more political than legal and it is applying a law with retrospective…

Considering that the Moroccan State has committed serious violations of the economic and social rights of Amazigh people in several locations in the Middle Atlas, the High Atlas, Souss, in the Rif, in the Anti Atlas, in the south-east , The Sahara and in Ait Baamran as the abandonment of children dead Anfgou in January 2007, the exploitation of the water source Ben Smim, repression in Ait Ourir, expropriation of land and collective tribal…;

Considering that law enforcement agencies of the State of Morocco have unleashed a savage violence against the civilian populations of Ait Baamran Sidi Ifni, denounced by all political and civil society Moroccan with written reports, video evidence and photos to support;

Accordingly, the Democratic Party Moroccan Amazigh (PDAM) invites the President of the European Parliament, MEPs and eurodéputées not only to freeze immediately the negotiations for the "advanced status", if not the outright suspension of the association agreement between the European Union and the Kingdom of Morocco, until the latter decided to effectively comply with democratic principles and fundamental rights of man, as stipulated in Article 2 of this association agreement.

Yours sincerely express our sincere greetings.

Signed: Ahmed ADGHIRNI
Secretary General of PDAM

Done in Rabat on September 10, 2008


Auteur: Ahmed Adghirni
Date : 2008-09-19 00:15:00

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