when the heart and liver are missing what use are the lungs? Fadhma Amrouche 1882-1967
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yamrayur : 2968
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Tinariwen 2010 Summer Tour:

First Amazigh festival in Australia:

Morocco: The United States Peace Corps is seeking two individuals as Language and Cross Culture Coordinator:

Amazigh delegation to the OSCE conference in Amman on the 26,27 October:

Khalid Izri Concert in Barcelona on 2008/7/1:


Les origines préhistoriques et paléoberbères des Touaregs à travers l'art rupestre saharien:
Pour remonter aux origines préhistoriques et paléoberbères du peuple touareg, les spécialistes font appel à deux grandes catégories de sources: celle de l'archéologie et celle de l'histoire de l'Antiquité. Les sources archéologiques sont la paléo-anthropologie (l'étude des restes osseux11es monuments funéraires et l'art rupestre. Les sources historiques disposent de l'iconographie égyptienne et des témoignages des auteurs gréco-Iatins. Les architectures funéraires sahariennes se comptent par milliers] mais malgré l'excellente étude réalisée sur celles du Sahara méridional (Niger) (F.Paris) et secondairement celles du Tassili des Ajjer celles-ci n'ont pas encore livré tout leur potentiel de connaissances, notamment sur le type anthropologique physique des anciens Berbères qui y ont été inhumés. Les sources paléo-anthropologiques ne sont certes pas négligeables dans la région du Maghreb où des nécropoles ont livré quelques centaines de squelettes entiers de Mechtoïdes (Hommes des sites éponymes de Mechta-Afalou, en Algérie) et de Pro méditerranéens Capsiens (Hommes du site éponyme de Gafsa,... Par Malika Jachide

Tamazgha Toponame

Toponymie is a science which studies places names (toponymes). It seeks their meaning, their etymology, but also their transformation throughout the centuries. We deal here with the toponymie of Tamazgha (North Africa):

Toponame: Toulal
Signification: Les gens sur qui on peut compter
Explication: tital, pluriel de tallalt : le madier, le support . le mot veut donc dire. Les gens sur qui on peut compter.




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When the heart and liver are missing what use are the lungs."Fadhma Amrouche, from her book" My Life Story."

Amazighs, those who have short memory, read these declarations

No cultural rights for Amazigh (Berber) poeple, because .....
... Full story

No cultural rights for Amazigh (Berber) poeple, because .....
... Full story

No cultural rights for Amazigh (Berber) poeple, because .....
... Full story


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Anyone who wishes to include an article to help educate people about the Amazigh--the language, culture, the people's struggles for the right to self-identification in North Africa--is welcome and encouraged to send the document to info@amazighWorld.org (read more)


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Movement on Road 96 -Imider- Will commemorate the seventh anniversary its birth
On Thursday, 2 August 2018, the Movement on Road 96 will commemorate the seventh anniversary of its birth that has been organizing the peaceful protests of Imider population since August 1, 2011, so as to defend their socio-economic and ecological rights and Against the marginalization and exclusion imposed by... Full story

The Amazigh tattoos
Particularly in the Tamazgha, the traditional motifs of the Amazigh tattoos are made almost exclusively of geometric shapes: simple lines, dots, triangles, diamonds, square circles .. etc ... Full story

Stone tablet with Tifinagh inscription in the National Library of Naples, Italy
Stone tablet with Amazigh (Berber) Tifinagh inscription, dates back to 1st millennium BC; considered the most ancient written text - from Aosta collection of the National Library of Naples, Italy.... Full story

The Guardian : Let's banish the term 'Arab world'. What does it mean anyway?
The prestigious British newspaper the guardian had published an interesting article entitled “Let's banish the term 'Arab world'. What does it mean anyway?” by the Australian journalist Neheda Barakat. Here is the entire article for North African readers: Labelling 381 million people from 22 countries as monolithic ‘Arabs’ is misleading and inaccurate. With conflicts raging on in Syria, Palestine, Yemen and Iraq and a diaphanous calm in the rest of the Middle East, the language we use in covering this region is not only hindering our understanding of the issues, but it is also misguiding strategic policies.... Full story

Khaled Mashaal excited Moroccan Amazigh people to renew the call of the Moroccan withdrawal from the Arab League and its refrain from the Persian Gulf region conflicts
Rabat - According to a speech statement issued by a former Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal and the actual member of Hamas political office at the headquarter of the Moroccan Justice and Development Party (DJD), on Tuesday, December 26, 2017, the National Federation of Amazigh Associations of Morocco (FNAA) issued a press statement condemning what it called "the hostility of the Islamic Hamas organization to the unity of Morocco and its Amazigh identity". The statement questioned the good will of the Moroccan national organizations which have a relationship with the Palestinian organizations, which according to the statement has ...... Full story

Moroccan NGO: “Our total support to Kurdish people right to self-determination”
In statement published yesterday, the National Federation of Amazigh Associations in Morocco (FNAA), NGO that federate hundred of associations promoting Amazigh/Berber identity of Morocco, declares its total support to Kurdish people right to self-determination. “If Kurdish people had no friends other than Kurdistan mountains in the past, today they have friends all over the world headed by the Amazigh people all over North Africa” said FNAA press release. This kind of support is rare in the so-called “Arab world”. Here's the FNAA press release:... Full story

Image speaks more than words
14 siècles d’efforts pour arabiser ces Imazighen et on n’est pas arrivé. Faut il se reposer ou reconnaître la réalité?:


Petition to support Morocan Amazighs in their struggle to not impose on theme Arabic names:   [Mbarek Oulemda] [ 2009-05-22 11:36:00 ]

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  • Ay al xir inu (3'26) Real Audio
  • Anda yella (5'07)  Real Audio
  • Adrar (3'48)  Real Audio
  • Ad nu al (2'46)  Real Audio
  • Snitra'w (3'16)  Real Audio
  • Yelha wurar (3'51)  Real Audio
  • Baba's (3'17)  Real Audio
  • Ageggig(4'35) Real Audio
    • Mimmi (4'16) Real Audio
    • Abehri tmeddit (4'31) Real Audio
    • Snitra'w (ver2 3'46) Real Audio
    • Isaltiyen (4'16) Real Audio
    • B an warrac (4'44) Real Audio
    • Amedyaz (4'36) Real Audio
    • At zik (10'16) Real Audio
    • Twareg (4'38) Real Audio

    Books / Idlisen

    Agad n tidt
    The literary and poetic Amazigh field has been enriched recently by the publication of a new collection of poems by the poet Taieb Amgroud. This collection entitled "agad n tidt" or the egg of truth comprising 31 poems on 60 pages is the second for the author after "inagan" which is being published by Ircam. THOSE ARE descriptions of this collection of poems: ... Full story



    Through political parties
    Through the workers\' trade unions
    Through civil associations
    Through popular protest movements

    Flash info
    Who took power over Morocco?
    Here is a video about the Moroccan Health Minister Madame Yasmina Badou of the Family of prime minister. She couldn't stop laughing while she had to answer a deputy's question about the Leishmaniose disease common and sometimes epidemic in the region of Tafilalt Morocco. This gives you an idea about who's in charge of arabe government who took power over Morocco.


    Date : 2011-08-28 03:39:00

    Training in Al Azhar university in Cairo

    Date : 2011-07-22 09:34:00

    Islam in the west

    Date : 2011-07-21 08:56:00

    Kadhafi's best song


    Date : 2011-03-09 14:28:00

    Amazigh waking up in Tunisia

    Date : 2011-02-14 22:02:00

    Burst into laughter : Tadsa
    Joking in Frensh, in Amazigh, in Arabic

    Revised History

    Year : 1970


    Silence in North Afrique we arabize Amazigh poeple, the process work perfectly it can sound genocide but in the name of Allah all thing is ok, .
    In Morocco ; In Algeria ; In Lybia-Siwa

    North Africa

    Arabization and linguistic politics in North Africa : in Morocco ; Algeria ; in Tunisia. Poeples in North Africa must always assume arabic face identity that we impose ?

    Arabisme, what that that means?

    Manifeste d'arabisation du Maroc du 23 Mai 1970. Les 493 intelectuels et hommes politiques de la gauche et de droite qui avaient demandé la déstruction d'un patrimoine de l'humanité qui est l'identité Amazighe!!

    Berber Dahir
    Pour mieux comprendre l'histoire du Maroc lire ce dossier spécial sur l'avant et l'aprés le dahir dit berbére. De 1914 à 2003 des documents historiques inédits. Les protégés de la France, l'angleterre, le wahabisme, le dahir de my youssef de 1914 et celui de Med V de 1930 .. ect

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    (Liberer vos plumes et ecrire en Tamazighte)

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    Amazigh democratic party (PDAM) wrote to the president of the European Parliament, Mr. Hans-Gert POTTENG, about human rights violation in Morocco
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    Berber Exploitation - Morocco
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    The Amazigh tattoos
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    Moroccan NGO: “Our total support to Kurdish people right to self-determination”
      [ Amazighworld ] [ 2017-09-08 19:03:00 ]

    MOSHE BENARROCHE : Moroccan-Israeli Jewish-Amazigh Poet
    [ 2010-01-19 17:31:00 ]

    Amazigh International NGO :Gravely concerned over the continuous repression in the Rif region in northern Morocco
      [ Amazigh International NGO ] [ 2017-06-21 00:46:00 ]


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