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By hamza chafii,
Date : 2010-12-06 23:13:00

Old generation: I still remember:

Children In their fathers' land
Right in corn fields, playing in a band
Laughing, scattering the sand
Jumping to the pool, they didn’t intend
Small, cheerful, hand in hand
Free, no one would reprimand
Still, always in demand
By all the people, little or grand  

Later, the children went to school
Built next to the pool
They no longer felt cool
As they hated being a tool
In the hand of any fool

At school, they learnt French and Arabic
Outside they would speak Tamazight
To make a balance, they needed magic
Was it a school or a language market?!!
All wondering, doubting like a lost sceptic
"Is it a school!","Rebellious! You’re called on the carpet"
"It is! It is! Please release us" They said in panic
New generation: Remember!  

How come! What you learn and speak inside
Is never the same as that of outside
Then, by what they teach you, never abide!
It is up to you! Just be free and decide
Your ambitions, I hope I'm the one you confide   
Take heed of my words and reflect
Your tongue inside and outside is perfect
Having it spoken and written is the target
But remember! Tifinagh is its Alphabet
To see it flourish in Your time, I can bet
Have your free voice heard through all the Planet
Show the World you're a Free people not others' pet

hamza chafii


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awesome !!  
thank you brother , it\'s really a wonderful poem !! keep on in this way !! I encourage you !! because you got the talent ^^  
Par: salah

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