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Urgent communication from FREPIC-AWAÑAK

Date : 2001-11-07

The Diario de Canarias ( offers the following communication in relation to the brutal police repression of the student demonstrations that took place today in the Canaries.

Canary Islands, 7 November 2001


Faced with the grave incidents produced during the demonstrations of Canarian students in Grand Canaries and Tenerife this morning, Wednesday, the 7th of November, FREPIC-AWAÑAK declares the following:


Our organization unites with the youth assaulted this morning by the colonial Spanish government. FREPIC-AWAÑAK, which understands that our students constitute a social force for the political transformation of our Nation, also feels attacked and offended by this new episode of colonial Spanish brutality, this time in its police variant. Likewise, we express, through this communication, our solidarity, sorrow, and indignation to the Canarian Student Union as organizers of the protest, for the ill treatment of which the participants were targets during the same.


FREPIC-AWAÑAK condemns, without palliating the politico-policial aparatus of the Spanish government's representation in the Canaries, the author of the beatings and detentions of the citizens. Our political group repudiates the presence of foreign repressive bodies in our archipelago as much as each of its infamous acts, whether it be against concrete persons or against collectives that try to contribute its efforts in the struggle for national liberation. We directly hold responsible for the aggressions the representative of the Spanish government and heads of the police forces, which participated in the aforementioned, and, thus, we demand: the dismissal of the titled "viceroyalty" Antonio Lopez; an investigation; the denouncement of the occurred by Canarian institutions; and the deactivation of the repressive colonial Spanish forces in our country, which are nothing but: civilian guards, national Spanish police, and C.E.S.I.D. [Centro superior de Información de Defensa]


FREPIC-AWAÑAK, an independist anticolonial Canarian organization, once again makes repeated efforts to remind all our compatriots what the real nature of the political Spanish power is in these islands. This organization makes evident, in respect to this and other police acts that have caused such alarm and social rejection, the custom of the kingdom of Spain to impose, by force, the laws that they order us to discharge in the Canaries. Sadly, the history is plagued with acts such as those lived this morning in said demonstrations. We predict, therefore, that they will not be the last, and that as the level of anticolonial protest and disobedience rises, police repression will also do the same, a phenomena for which one should be properly prepared.

Finally, FREPIC-AWAÑAK wishes to express the warm affection it feels for our youth and students, who have once again demonstrated a capacity to confront the imposition of Spanish legalities in the Canaries, opposing a university law that impedes the development of the potentialities of the genuine Canarian society and culture and that condemns this population to future decades of backwardness and dependency, and encourages them to proceed in that valiant and worthy attitude for which they will always be able to count on us.

National Office of the Secretary of Communication

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