Senator says Biden needs to reevaluate US-Saudi relations


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The Arabs talk a lot about the honor that was buried with the Quraish tribes, just as they talk about the Islamic renaissance which died minutes after its birth.Arabs today are opportunists, especially the Gulf oil regimes.Strong with the weak and weak with the strong.Their battle for survival based on stealth does not make them a trusted friend who buys protection from the powerful in their eyes.The Arabs made the unjust tax law for the sake of looting and Arab national expansion.they benefited from it for one century, today the magic is turning against the sorcerer.They try to create chaos and hit the opponent with the opponent to keep them out of sight.They will not deceive the West.Fatwas on religion and on politics are only for deceiving their people, but time is not in their favor. Yesterday, Israel is clearly forbidden, and today it is permissible and good.Yesterday the Qur’an and the Sunnah were the constitution of truth and salvation and the divider between the believer and the unbeliever. Today they are trying to wrap it in the clothes of secularization, giving it the character of modernity and purifying its texts from the impurities of superstition and extremism, while making sure to keep the simple Muslim asleep. The discourse of Islam today is trying to get out of the bottleneck caused by the uproar that might awaken Muslim youth. All this is managed behind the scenes in the salons of Arabs and the affiliated Arabists. What about the people of North Africa who have been deceived for centuries.The Arabs today are breaking the chain of Islam before the eyes of the Berbers, but they still feel that they are bound by the illusion of Arabism.Arabism that ate its sons in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, threatens the stupid Berbers with progress and greatness.
Par: سوس م. د

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