Aggwern Flour
1-nga tablat medden gan siti licart.   1-We are a rock, each one point at us.

2- a wanna ed yusin aggun iellm f llax.

2-With a stone, marking us.

3-isggwasen ayad nega laqel gh ifrxan.  

3-For years we've been behind youngsters.
4- ad iyi k mlin a baba mlinax innatnex 4-to show us our father as well as our mother
5-ix ira kra addix iz melxasen ttarix

5-If someone wants to dispute me,I shall teach him History.

6- a yissan mas ur igi lmelk amr winnax.   6-so that he knows that the land belongs to us
7-anufa ddewa n tmadnt llax issaghlen. 7-We found the remedy of the disease from which we suffer
8- a ghar ixwla udbib igh ra iyi sul ismmt

8-Madman! The quack who wishes again to deceive me

9- a han adbib n terz x Sus llan ukan. 9-The bone-setter is found in Souss.
10-rebbi zayd uggug i yeclehn.  

10-That God may raise the water in the dam of Chleuhs.

11- a kullu sun igigilen aman 11-So that the orphans can drink of the water
12- ad ur afen imhsaden kra ran  12-Thus, the envious will not reach their objective
13- as meqqar d imurig n tcelht 13-Even poetry in Tachelhit
14- ar asen skaren ddd a wer ilin 14-One opposes her so that she no longer exists
15- a yan ihsadn mad akw tiwit 15-Oh! The envious, what have you gained?
16- rebbi gix ten d umazzal f llin

16-I have chosen God as the watchguard over the source

17- nettan a yran a iyi ed ifk aman 17-It is he who will offer me water
18- ix ak ifka rebbi ugrn kiwan 18-If God gives you wealth, it is the supreme honor
19- ix ak ikks ur ak k id irhm yan 19- If he plunders you, no one will have pity for you.
20- llah ard n tleab acku frhgh 20- By God, I shall play because I am happy
21- Ar ax itzayyad rebbi x tifawt 21-God fills us with light
22- ay lli s rix ad ten gax nlekmten.   22-I reached my objective.
23- a han ur gi tagud ix mmutx.   23-I shall not be sad if I die.
24- a yak nefl ed lizz i yclhn.   24-We have bequeathed the glory to the Chleuhs.
25- aynna zrix ndemx fellasen.   25-I poetize on things I have seen.
26- ur akkw nksd kra ad ax sul inegh.   26-We no longer fear that someone will kill us
27- a nufa ed nit and nkecm sers.   27-We entered the foundry.
28- a takat d uzzal a ggisen illan.   28-It is the fire and the iron that are found there.
29- a wallayni ddell iggut f llanx.   29-But we underwent enough degradation
30- a dfax nit lbadl s tt inew.   30-I saw injustice with my own eyes
31- mamenk rad skerx atten lessax.  

31-To my ability , I will accept it

32- a rebbi ayt alhbab ixka mmutx.   32-Eh! My friends, if I die.
33- ar iyi tsellam adax trhemm.   33-Pray for my soul to rest.

Mohamed Albensir (Demsiri)

Pote Mohamed Albensir

Traduction : Mohamed Nassiri (mémoire de licence sur la poésie amazighe) (source : www.nassiri.info )

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