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The Team of Amazigh Weekly News is pleased to announce that the first program of our Amazigh televised broadcast will be shown in Los Angeles on Channel 77, Adelphia Communications, on September 6, 2001, at 8:00 pm.

The executive producer and main anchor of this news program is Helene Hagan of Studio City. Hagan creates and edits the various montages (music and images) of the show. She will present news on Morocco, Libya, the Canary Islands, Niger and Mali.

Boualame Mokrane of Studio City will present news and editorials on Algeria.

Karim Boughida of Westwood will offer the Amazigh Human Rights Report, a section which was presented by Hagan in the first program, in the temporary absence of Boughida who will soon re-join the Amazigh team.

Umalu (ADrum Productions of Santa Monica) will present a Cultural Affairs section each week. This segment will introduce books, concerts, and Amazigh events in Canada and the USA.

A couple of additional Algerian Imazighen who reside in the Los Angeles area have expressed the desire to join the team and may be also featured in future programs.

The television program will bring to American television viewers reports about indigenous North African news that are completely left out from both mainstream and alternative reporting. The goal is to inscribe Amazigh culture, images, music, and presence in the diversity of voices on the American continent, and to remedy the invisibility of Amazigh history and culture in American media and television production, even if such goals are met in a most minimal fashion by a local public access television program.

None the less, all efforts are and will be pursued to air this television series, "Amazigh Weekly News" on Public Access channels in various major cities across the United States. For further information, queries and requests, please e-mail your messages to heh@tazzla.org.


Executive Producer, Moroccan News: Helene Hagan
Assistant Producer, Algerian News: Boualame Mokrane
Assistant Producer, Human Rights Report: Karim Boughida
Assistant Producer, Cultural Affairs: Umalu


Headquarters : Amazigh World  ( Amadal Amazigh), North America, North Africa


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