The flag shown above, also seen in icon form waving at each end of the WAAC title, is the Amazigh flag adopted by the Amazigh World Congress. It symbolizes Amazigh identity and cultural rennaissance, as well as Amazigh unity all over Tamazgha and the Diaspora.

This flag is often described by the misinformed, including the media, as "the Kabyle flag." This is erroneous, and hopefully, the translated document posted below, the proposal made by the Canary Islands at the First Amazigh World Congress, will help establish the facts behind this universal Amazigh flag.

This flag has also been described as "the Kabyle flag." It is another, older form of the Amazigh banner, found throughout Tamazgha. In the picture below, it is waved by activists from the Canary Islands.

(from http://www.diariodecanarias.com/111indice.html)


translated by the WAAC Team from the original Spanish: "Propuesta de Solidaridad Canaria
al I Congreso Mundial Amazigh

Also available in French at: http://www.arrakis.es/~altasl/amazighf.htm


(the photo is from the above linked site, borrowed to document its presentation by the Imazighen of the Canary Islands before the First Amazigh World Congress)


Many are the hopes of the future that we, Canarians struggling against colonialism, have in this Congress. In this meeting of brethren, separated and mistreated by colonialism in all its forms (political, economic, religious, cultural, etc.) since the dawn of time, we wish for the rebirth of unity. We need to recuperate our fraternal ties, recognize ourselves as brothers/sisters so that we can, together, rebuild and strengthen our ancient common culture and revive the inheritance of our forefathers, our history, our identity.

For centuries, they have tried to erase us as a society, to convert us into pariahs at the mercy of others, but each one of us, often without knowing it, without giving it the utmost value that it has for all Imazighen, we are the possessors of valuable treasure chests of the common "jaima" of our ancestors. We are obliged, in facing the future and the world, to reunite, with much respect and zeal, with loving care so as not to mar their future, those treasures of our identity, which slowly and carefully our forefathers embroidered, to protect our culture that identifies us as a people and were being left on the side of the long roads that the Ancient Imazighen, our elders, traveled.

It is not going to be easy. Our enemies try to weaken our union and our struggles. Divided, diluted under the shadow of foreign banners, we are manipulated and weak servants. Together, "hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder," we shall be respected, we will fortify ourselves. We will not make it easy for the colonialists to impede our resurgence. Let us make this First Congress "The Tagoror," strongly solid, the one from which we cement our future. Let us make the necessary great effort to understand each other, eradicate personality conflicts or crude ambitions for control, which can border on treason, and let us be conscious that the future of millions of brothers/sisters who form Tamazgha depends on us, and thus, for that future, there is a weight of great responsibility over us.

Our struggle needs to fortify our bonds and symbols of unity in all corners where Imazighen are found. For and by them, we propose at this First World Amazigh Congress, the creation of a flag that identifies us. A flag that makes of our struggle a common defense, under which our children will grow freely, under which we feel together with our society, with our people (be we immgrants, continentals, or islanders). A flag which will be the symbol of a reawakening, a password for all Imazighen, wherever they are found. A symbol whose colors and design are drawn from our past, and at the same time guides our destiny, guaranteeing that our children will hoist it permanently wherever a brethren arrives.


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