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What is the difference between mosques  in Amazigh countries and their oriental counterparts ?

  These are examples of amazigh mosques whose minarets are square :

Minaret of Giralda in Sevilla (Spain)  
Minaret of Kutubia in Marrakesh (Morocco)

all are built by the amazigh dynasty Almouhad in the same period

Minaret of Hassan in Rabat  (Morocco)
Minaret of Mansoura in Tlemcen  (Algeria)
Minaret of Mopti in Touareg  (Mali)
Minaret of Agades in Touareg (Niger)

Minaret of Bobo-Dioulasso (High volta)

 But apart from North Africa ,  minarets of mosques are circular . 

You can have a look at minarets in Arab countries, Iran, turkey, India, Afghanistan and Uzbikistan.

Minaret of Majid-i Chah in Isfahan  (Iran)
Minaret of Sulayman in Istambul  (Turkey)
Minaret of Friday in Champanir (India) 
Minaret  of  Al-azhar in  Cairo (Egypt)
Minaret of Samara  (Irak)
Minaret of Al-Qaiti in Cairo (Egypt)
Minaret of Qotb Manar  (India)  
Minaret of Kalam Minar in Boukhara (Uzbekistan)

Minaret of Ma'sud III in Ghazna (Afganistan)


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